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Attorney Eiman Rejali comes from a very diverse business background and has held numerous executive and management positions here in the United States

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M&Y Personal Injury Lawyers is one of California’s leading personal injury law firms. We help accident victims in all types of personal injury matte

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Law Firm handling Personal Injury claims for Plaintiffs throughout Greater Los Angeles and Southern California areas. Our attorneys have experience in

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Mr. Parham Javaherizadeh, the founder of J & M Legal Group is one that exemplifies success through hard work. Mr. Javaherizadeh is an immigrant who fl

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Can I serve in the military with a J1 visa? What happens to my Iranian citizenship?

I currently received a military invitation letter, and I am interested in serve as military in US. I am working as an intern with a J1 visa. Is it okay to serve as military? if I serve, what happens to my Iranian citizenship?
Published on 11/16/20
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Can a prenuptial agreement change community property law?

I am engaged to be married and want to know whether a prenuptial agreement can protect me from community property laws. After I marry, my spouse and I will live in Sacramento, and I know California abides by community property law. I have more property than my fiancée and I want to invest in additional rental properties. I want those properties to remain with me if we were to divorce, but what I’ve read about community property says if I buy properties while married, my wife has a 50% interest. Are prenuptials legal in California and can I use one to protect future properties I might buy? Also, I am a native Farsi speaker and want a lawyer who speaks Farsi to represent me if I do need a lawyer.
Published on 03/08/21
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How long to be a resident to get an uncontested divorce?

My wife and I separated and I moved from where we lived in Seattle to Los Angeles. I’ve been here 2 months now and I want to finalize a divorce. My wife and I are on good terms and we already divided our property and other assets. How long do I have to live in California before I can file for uncontested divorce here? I’m from Iran and have dual citizenship in Iran and the U.S., does that affect the divorce in any way? Do I need a lawyer to file? If I do, I would prefer to work with an Iranian lawyer.
Published on 03/08/21
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